Flapper Costume
Flapper Costume accessories from the roaring twenties. Flapper Costume parties bring out your dance floor moves. Flapper costume and gangster speakeasy masquerades for bootleggers and rum runners. Sassy flapper costumes and costume accessories that snub the prohibition era. Tossing the temperance movement aside the youth of the 1920's began to adopt styles and music from the European art scene. Seedy gin joints were a clandestine knock away as America rebelled against prohibition. Wealth and influence had been amassed as the west was tamed. Now it was time to party. Chicago head quartered this fervor of misbehavior and illegal liquor poured in as quickly as it could be consumed. Lawless streets were littered with legends of gangsters and the Untouchables that pursued them. Flappers ushered in a new age of sexual exploration, high art and fashion.

Flapper Costume Beaded

Strings of beads shower over a tight
super short tube dress with a beaded
draped choker style overlay. Jeweled
mini has beads pouring down below the
heam line. Four pieces includes Tube
Dress, Overlay, Feather Headpiece
and Cigarette Holder.

Small/Med. 2-8 (8097SM) $52
Med./Lg. 8-14 (8097ML) $52

Small/Med. (W8097S) $52
Med./Lg. (W8097L) $52

Flapper Costume


        Quarter size sequins and strings of beads drip down this room charring form fitting mini. This is not your grand mothers twenties dress. A knock and one look are the only passwords you'll need at the local speak easy. Sure to score some hooch and cuddlepups in the dark corners of the bar. Stretch poly body with an open tie back adusts to how ever you feel. To complete the attraction this is a full 3 Pc. costume with matching beaded headpiece and long cigarette holder. All you need to put them on ice permanently.

Small/Med. (3255SM) 2-8 $59
Medium/Lg. (3255ML) 8-14 $59

Speakeasy Flapper Costume

        Ample rows of fringe layered fully
around the dress for a hot look. Light
nylon slip on dress gives some stretch
for the figure. Iridescent sequins at the
neckline and medium width tank straps
make this is a good standard costume
for under garments. May require slip.
Dress Only.

X.Sm. 2-4 (0768SM) $35
Small 5-7 (0768S) $35
Med. 8-10 (0768M) $35
Lrg. 11-13 (0768L) $35
XLg. 14-16 (0768X) $35
Plus 17-19 (0768P) $40

X.Sm. 2-4 (B0768SM) $35
Small 5-7 (B0768S) $35
Med. 8-10 (B0768M) $35
Lrg. 11-13 (B0768L) $35
XLg. 14-16 (B0768X) $35
Plus 17-19 (B0768P) $40

X.Sm. 2-4 (R0768SM) $35
Small 5-7 (R0768S) $35
Med. 8-10 (R0768M) $35
Lrg. 11-13 (R0768L) $35
XLg. 14-16 (R0768X) $35

Flapper Costumes

Flapper Costumes

Twenties Flapper Costume

Rental quality spaghetti strap fringe dress.
Seven flowing rows of fringe casacde over
breathable fabric. Fully adjustable straps
and zippered back for a comfortable sexy
fit. Top quality, machine washable and made
in America for stage productions and higher
end costuming and stepping out. Adjustable
strap and 3/4 length quality zippered back
for figure fitting appeal.
Sizes run small so order accordingly. Lots
of accessories from our next pages make
this one the hit of the evening.
Includes Dress Only.

Red Deluxe
Small 3-4 (0769RS) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769RM) $69
Large 8-10 (0769RL) $69

Black Deluxe
Small 3-4 (0769SB) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769MB) $69
Large 8-10 (0769BL) $69

Black & White
Small 3-4 (0769SBW) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769MBW) $69
Large 8-10 (0769BLW) $69

White Deluxe
Small 3-4 (0769BS) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769BM) $69
Large 8-10 (0769BL) $69

Eggplant Deluxe
Small 3-4 (0769ES) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769EM) $69
Large 8-10 (0769EL) $69

Royal Deluxe
Small 3-4 (0769RS) $69
Medium 5-7 (0769RM) $69
Large 8-10 (0769RL) $69

Flapper Costume

Jazzy two toned layers of quivering fringe swirl
around the body. Slip on and zippered light nylon
strap dress gives a little stretch for the figure.
Includes Black Boa.

Black & White
Small 6-8 (701BS) $38
Med. 8-10 (701BM) $38
Lrg. 10-12 (701BL) $38
XLg. 12-14 (701BX) $38
Plus 16-22 (701BP) $38

Black & Gold
Small 6-8 (701GS) $38
Med. 8-10 (701GM) $38
Lrg. 10-12 (701GL) $38
XLg. 12-14 (701GX) $38

Flapper Costume Flapper Costume

Flapper Costume Flapper Costume

Twenties Sequin

Sequin A-line dress with a spectacular sparkle. Brilliant
sequins adorn this seasons hottest fringe dress. Zippered
back for easy fit and ample give at the bodice and open
neckline. Wide strap covers bra straps and matches the
included headband.

Jade X.Small 3-5 (2173AM) $74
Jade Small 5-7 (2173AS) $74
Jade Medium 8-10 (2173AM) $74
Jade Large 11-13 (2173AL) $74
Jade XLg 14-16 (2173AX) $74
Fushia X.Small 3-5 (2173PM) $74
Fushia Small 5-7 (2173PS) $74
Fushia Medium 8-10 (2173PM) $74
Fushia Large 11-13 (2173PL) $74
Fushia XLg 14-16 (2173PX) $74

Plus Size Flapper

Made only in Plus Sizes this electric blue
dress is styled to be a hit. Empress waist,
wider straps and cut to elongate the body
for the perfect look.

1X 14-16 (4071B) $58
2X 18-20 (4072B) $58
3X 22-24 (4073B) $58

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